The law offices of K.H.a was founded upon the principles of being knowledgeable, hardworking, affordable and accessible.



Our legal fees are reasonable and affordable; we know that hiring a lawyer can be a scary and often intimidating process. Our job is to make sure we can take care of all your legal issues, but not make you homeless or broke in the process. We care about our clients and know that when a client hires us for representation they will get the best value for their money spent.


At the Law offices of K.H.A we pride ourselves on being accessible to all our clients. We understand that the biggest complaint that the general public has when hiring an attorney is that they do not return phone calls and emails. Here, at our firm we will make sure that we keep our clients informed on any updates in there legal matters and we are available via phone or email during business hours. We can also be reached outside of business hours for any serious and emergency matters.


At the law offices of K.H.A we only practice on matters that we have the ability and knowledge to be effective. Attorney Anusionwu can ensure that he is competent on all legal matters that he represents his clients in.


Attorney Anusionwu has a reputation of being a very hard working man. At the Law Offices of K.H.A we will work tirelessly to ensure a favorable outcome for all our clients legal issues. No law firm or attorney can guarantee that a particular result will be guaranteed, but we can guarantee that our firm will work zealously, in the best interests of our clients.